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burningskyfire in greenripples

recycled business cards

Okay, I need business cards, I have to print them myself, and I need them to be on recycled paper with vegetable based ink. All my attempts thus far to find somewhere in Australia that will do this for me have proven fruitless. Any ideas?

Edit: Didn't mean to sound so grumpy! :) Just wondering if anyone knows of some environmental friendly places in Australia - preferably vic - that prints recycled business cards.


You don't sound grumpy..!

a quick scout-about online suggests to me that somewhere in Australia people are printing like this.

http://www.blossomcreations.com.au/index.htm - is a small boutique by a girl who makes incredibly cute things, and all her paper is post-consumer with vegetable inks. You could try contacting her and ask her where she gets them printed.

http://www.spectrumprinting.com.au/default.asp -This place seems good, though their website is really hard to navigate! They claim to be a waterless printer with the highest level of 'green' accreditation. They seems grumpy though.

As another option, http://www.greenpagesaustralia.com.au/index.asp?page_id=directoryresults&id=353 is a huge list of green printers in Australia.

Plenty of choice!