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reactoss in greenripples

Interested in making a difference?

daysofchange.org is having their official launch tomorrow (Friday, 30th April) on the Central Park lawn in the Perth CBD. Starting 1st May, daysofchange.org is encouraging all Western Australians to make small differences in their lives. It is being created as a social network where people can share their experiences and encourage each other along the way. Everyone who registers is encouraged to print a "pledge card" with a list of small differences that you as an individual can make that will add up and create a huge positive impact if a lot of people make them. They are aiming to engage 200,000 West Australians (10% of the population) in the pledge this year and are hoping to expand it throughout the country next year.

If you're not in Perth, check out their website here or have a look at their checklist if you want a neat little list of things you can do to be a bit more environmentally friendly. If you are in Perth tomorrow, take an early lunch break and head down to Central Park (southwest corner of Hay and William Street) - I hear they may even have free solar-powered smoothies!

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